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Tax Assure's principals recognised a clear need from their legal, consulting and business advisory clients for expert help with outstanding tax debt. They shared a vision for providing specialist tax debt services to Australian business owners.

Their combined business, legal, tax and consulting experience comes together to create a true powerhouse; without doubt the country’s most experienced tax debt management and advisory service.

Our Values

We are...





What does this mean for our clients and partners?

We know our stuff.

We do the right thing.

We’re good people to do business with.

We care about our clients as people, with lives and families.

How does this mean we behave?

Our unrivalled knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise underpins everything we do.

Openness and honesty is part of the fabric of our people and our processes.

We have the right mix of progressive thinking, and careful pragmatism.

We help reduce our clients’ stress, and build successful businesses for the future.

What's different about Tax Assure?

What's different about Tax Assure?

Our Team

About Us

Terry Brown | Principal

Terry is a lawyer and business advisor and has been advising clients for over 35 years, specialising for the past 10 years in tax debt negotiation. Terry works closely with our clients and the ATO to establish relationships that will secure the best outcome for our clients. Terry is a founding and current director of the McGrath Foundation.

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Michael Moon | Principal

Michael is an experienced lawyer, accountant and management consultant. Having been advising clients for over 25 years, Michael has a deep understanding of business operations, and the impact cash flow and debt can have. Michael works directly with our clients and the ATO to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients and their businesses.

About Us

Olga Koskie | Principal

Olga is based in Melbourne, running our operations for Victoria and Tasmania. As a lawyer and business advisor with over 15 years’ experience, Olga has a strong belief in personalised service with a holistic business view. Combined with her pragmatic and straightforward approach, this ensures we always get the best outcome for our clients.

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Amanda Shell | Senior Advisor

Amanda is a lawyer and debt advisory specialist, having worked across commercial and tax debt. Amanda has significant expertise in conducting financial reviews and debt analysis for small and medium businesses, as well as individuals. By building excellent relationships with clients and the ATO, Amanda delivers tax debt resolution with empathy and care.

About Us

Fiona Stevens | Head of Marketing

Fiona is a B2B marketing specialist, with particular expertise in SME finance and technology. Having spent 15 years in London as a partner of an award-winning integrated marketing agency, she combines innovation and creativity with commercial pragmatism. A powerful strategic thinker, Fiona leads her team with energy and drive.



Level 13
52 Alfred St South
Milsons Point NSW 2061


Level 6
10 Yarra Street
South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia


Level 19
10 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000


Level 4
29 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000


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Level 13, 52 Alfred St South
Milsons Point NSW, 2061 Australia

Level 6, 10 Yarra Street
South Yarra VIC, 3141 Australia

Level 19, 10 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD, 4000 Australia

Level 4, 29 King William Street
Adelaide SA, 5000 Australia

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