ATO Payment Plan

Fix your Tax Debt with an ATO Payment Plan

Is your tax debt keeping you up at night? Carrying any debt can be stressful, especially with the ATO – but it doesn’t have to be.

Tax Assure have the expertise and experience to negotiate with the ATO on your behalf so you see a brighter financial future. We’re the experts who can help you.

We can negotiate an ATO payment plan that is affordable for you, your business and avoids the drama of active debt recovery. If what you need is some time, breathing space and a helping hand, then we can facilitate exactly that.

Our team deal with the ATO on a daily basis for a whole range of different clients. By working with the ATO, we can get the best outcome for you. In some cases, your overall tax debt may be reduced.

Tax debt and negotiation is a specialised field. That’s why a growing list of accountants, brokers and business advisors refer their clients to us for the best way to manage that debt with a tax debt payment plan and remission of interest.

Why is a payment plan important?

One of the most crucial things about dealing with a tax debt is to have a compliant ATO payment arrangement in place.

The first thing the ATO wants to know is that you are willing to engage with them. As the tax debt experts, we do that on your behalf. We speak to the ATO all day, every day, meaning we know them and they know us.

As the ATO points out in clear terms; “if taxpayers don’t engage with us to manage their debt, we may take action to recover the debt.”

Different factors are taken into consideration in the case of tax debts such as:

  • the individual circumstances,
  • past behaviour,
  • and the history of lodgements and payments.

There is no simple ‘one size fits all’ approach to payment plans. We recognise that every client has a different story and different cashflow position. Our team work with our clients closely to understand their ideal goal with the ATO.

Having experts in how best to manage a tax debt can be hugely beneficial, especially when you take into consideration all the time and resources involved in managing that debt.

It can be stressful, disruptive and extremely time consuming to have to deal with the ATO, especially when you have a business to run.

Even a call to the ATO for a tax debt payment plan can be a stressful process that many may find complex and even overwhelming. It makes sense to get help from the professionals in tax debt negotiation. We don’t work with numbers all day, we work with people and we love it!

What the ATO is looking for

Despite what people may think, the ATO is not interested in causing taxpayers stress and alarm.

The keys to dealing with a tax debt are engagement and compliance. There is no rhyme or reason or specific methodology as to how or why the ATO is enforcing collection activity against some taxpayers and not others.

Making contact at the earliest opportunity is crucial to avoiding the matter escalating to an ATO debt referral. That’s precisely why it’s important to call Tax Assure as soon as possible.

Getting a full overview of your tax debt and organising an affordable payment plan is our specialty.

The only way to stop the ATO from taking further action is by complying with a formal ATO payment plan. Voluntary payments do not qualify you as being a compliant taxpayer.

The Tax Assure difference

When it comes to a tax debt, timing is everything.

There’s no point delaying things and waiting for the so called ‘right time’ to deal with your debt.

The sooner you contact Tax Assure, the better. That’s better for you, your overall debt and your ability to concentrate on running your business.

Let our team of experts work on your behalf to get the best possible outcome and, where possible, reduce your overall tax debt. We can help individuals, save businesses, take away the stress and provide a solution That’s what we’re here for.

Now is the time to act. Contact us today for a better financial future.